MPP Tesla Model Y Off-Road Upgrade Kit Level 1

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Introducing MPP Upgrade Kits

For those of you who are new to modifying Teslas, we’ve put together different upgrade kits based on your target style of driving.

By purchasing a complete upgrade kit, you can know you’re getting the ideal parts for your goals, and you’ll also save a little bit of money as the “upgrade kits” benefit from a discount versus buying all of the parts individually.

Off-Road Upgrade Kit Level 1

Here at MPP, we’re proud to have been the first Tesla tuning company to produce a lift kit for the Model 3 and Model Y platforms. Since its release, it has been very popular among Tesla owners looking for more ground clearance, the ability to fit larger tires, and of course to better deal with rough roads and snow-covered roads. 

This upgrade kit is a collection of the most common parts to combine with the lift kit to give your Tesla the ability to get a bit adventurous, allowing you to really see how capable and enjoyable these cars are off-road. With two independent motors, a smooth underbody, and silent propulsion, they are really the ideal candidates for exploring off the beaten path. 

With this kit, you’ll gain close to 2″ in ground clearance, have the ability to properly correct your alignment, and add battery protection to the front of your vehicle with our skid plate. These plates have already saved a few batteries believe it or not!

About MPP Off-Road Level 1

Our Level 1 off-road kit is a great starting point for anyone looking for a little bit more off-road ability and protection. The lift-kit increases the ride height while at the same time increasing droop travel – so unlike “lift springs” which do not give you additional droop travel, our kit will give you all the droop articulation that is physically possible within the constraints of the OEM axle and suspension design. 

The rear camber arms allow you the ability to properly correct the rear camber, which becomes quite problematic as the vehicle is raised, not to mention it looks ridiculous when the top of the tire wheel is sticking out more than the bottom. Using sealed spherical bearings, these arms are built for an off-road environment and no dirt or debris will ever be able to get into the joint. Not using rubber bushings means that large amounts of articulation are no problem – the joint swivels freely rather than binding and tearing itself apart as rubber bushings are known to do. 

And lastly, the front skid plate. This skid plate is beefy and designed to protect your front drive unit and high voltage battery from impact. The OE Tesla battery design uses coolant pipes at the front of the battery, and should any of these pipes be damaged an entirely new battery is required at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Tesla does not repair these hoses independently!

We don’t mean to fear monger here, but we have some examples of our skid plate saving batteries and we were both amazed and happy to hear that the plate did its job and a new battery wasn’t required!

Please feel free to click the links above to learn more about the individual products in this upgrade kit. This upgrade kit will work with both the Model Y and the Model 3! Simply select the colors you’d like and the discount will be applied when you purchase the entire kit all at once. 

Rear Upper Camber Arm Color: MPP Blue
Front Skid Plate Color: Plain Aluminum