MPP Tesla Model 3 Sport Upgrade Kit Level 1

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Introducing MPP Upgrade Kits

For those of you who are new to modifying Teslas, we’ve put together different upgrade kits based on your target style of driving.

By purchasing a complete upgrade kit, you can know you’re getting the ideal parts for your goals, and you’ll also save a little bit of money as the “upgrade kits” benefit from a discount versus buying all of the parts individually.

Sport Upgrade Kit Level 1

This upgrade kit is a grouping of our most popular and praised products, and is the perfect first step to start down the path of modifying your Tesla. This kit will turn your Model 3 into an M3. All of the inputs are sharpened – a more direct feeling between you and the tires, adjustable ride height, a more responsive brake pedal – everything you want to get that famous “M3” handling and driving feel – all without any compromise or loss in ride quality.

This kit includes our Sports Adjustable coilovers, Front lower control arm bearings, Rear upper control arms to correct the rear camber which occurs from lowering, and our brake master cylinder brace which improves braking feel.

Included Products

Click on any of the products below to learn more about their features, read reviews and see more photos.

MPP Sports Adjustable Coilovers

MPP Front Lower Control Arm Bearings

MPP Rear Upper Camber Arms

MPP Brake Master Cylinder Brace

About MPP Sport Level 1

Our Level 1 upgrade kit is all about giving you the best bang for your buck. Each product makes an incredibly noticeable difference to the feel of your Model 3, each one with the aim of making you directly connected to the car, without adding any harshness or noise to your silent car.

These are the parts that you want if you’re looking to enjoy braking and cornering with your Model 3, and want it to drive like a refined European sports sedan. 

Level 1 is also about no compromises. The ride quality is improved over factory, the responsiveness is improved, and the suspension is adjustable – so you can fine-tune exactly how firm you want the ride along with the ride height. 

This is a great starting point for anyone getting into spirited driving with their Model 3, and in our opinion, how the car should come from the factory. 

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Color: MPP Blue