Model 3/Y Yoke 2.0

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Yoke Steering Wheel 2.0
1. Original vehicle style design: fit Model S/X original style design, integrated with the original interior, harmonious and pretty, minimalism but not simple Yoke racing style.

2. Upgraded Nappa leather craft: anti-corrosion, more flexible, more ventilated, better than the original steering wheel leather, improving the texture.

3. No stitches: In order to enhance the user's experience and comfort, the upgraded craft of no stitches wrapping makes you more comfortable to hold during driving

4. High-quality materials: integrated molding bracket, aluminum-magnesium alloy forging, vehicle-grade heating wire, retaining the original heating function, one minute to heat up to 38 ℃, safe and stable.

5. Non-destructive installation: only need wire harnesses connection, does not destroy all the structure of the car, installation is convenient and simple.

Installation included