13-Speaker Sound System Upgrade for the 2022 Tesla Model Y

Sale price$2,999.95

Unleash the full power and potential of your Tesla with Alpine's PSS-TSLA-22Y complete sound system upgrade designed to fit Tesla Model Y.


Tesla Model Y Sound System with Hi-Res Audio Certified Speakers

  • Adds 12 Hi-Res Speakers, a 10" Sealed Subwoofer, and 12-Channel DSP/Amplifier 
  • Direct-fit Installation in 2022-23 Tesla Model Y
  • Replaces the Factory Tesla Speakers with Little to No Cutting or Modification Required
  • Lightweight and Rigid Hybrid Blue Carbon Fiber Speaker Cone Material 
  • Alpine Proprietary High Amplitude Multi-Roll Surround (HAMR Surround) Technology  
  • Sound System Pre-Tuned and Optimized for the Tesla Cabin Environment
  • Ultra-efficient Amplifier (Uses 1 Mile of Range Per Hour at Full Volume)
  • Optimized for EV Low Voltage Battery Range (12V-16V)

(2) 6.5” Midrange Component Front Door Speakers with 1” Tweeters
(2) 4” Midrange Rear Door Speakers
(2) 4” Midrange Rear Deck Speakers (some modification may be required to rear deck)
(3) 4” Midrange Center Dash Speakers with 1” Center Dash Tweeter
(1) 10” Sealed Subwoofer  
(1) 12-Channel Digital Sound Processor with Built-in 12-Channel Amplifier
(1) Vehicle-Specific Harness for 2022 Tesla Model Y