Triple L Ride Height Adjustment Kit For Rivian R1T / R1S

Sale price$350.00

If you’re looking to adjust your Rivian’s ride height – up, down, or level – this is the perfect part for you!

  • Designed and CNC machined and anodized here in Canada
  • Super duper space age unobtanium aerospace aluminum (actually 6061-T6 is really quite common)
  • Ability to lift/lower/level your Rivian in 4mm increments
  • Allows for the ability to raise above or lower below the factory heights (use at your risk)
  • Make adjustments in minutes without even removing your wheels
  • Improve ride quality in “Low” ride height by fine-tuning bump stop engagement
  • Level the vehicle while towing and quickly set back when your trip is complete
  • Slam the vehicle for car shows, or lift it extra high for the ultimate off-road ability
  • Lift the vehicle slightly in standard mode to fit taller tires

Fits these vehicles: Rivian R1T, Rivian R1S