Paint Protection Film

Now offering PPF done here in house at Charged Up Performance

We use STEK materials in all PPF Jobs. Specifically DYNOshield and DYNOmatte

DYNOshield provides you with our proprietary hydrophobic and gloss enhancing technology for those seeking a top-performing clear bra.

DYNOmatte instantly turns any surface into a beautifully protected matte finish. Self-healing and hydrophobic, this film is an automotive and home decor favorite.

Contact us for an exact quote.


~Full-front clip of the vehicle, typically starting at $2500-$3250 for most vehicles. (Bumper, Hood, Fenders, Headlights & Mirrors.)

~Full-Vehicle PPF Wraps: $7,000+ (All Painted Panels)

~Bumper only: $800-$1500

~Add Rocker Panels & Door Bottoms: $400-$1000

~Piano Black B-Pillars: $200

~Door Cups: $30 per door


Paint Protection Film pricing is subject to change per vehicle, depending on trim, specification, condition, etc. Deposit is required before scheduling, along with waivers.